When we realise that animals have feelings too, the world will be a kinder place. Support your favourite animal cause/charity and radiate kindness in these organic, ethcial T-shirts.

T-shirts for horse lovers, dog lovers, vegans and more! The perfect gift for your friends and family who are pet lovers and animal lovers. I also create special request t-shirts and jewellery.

Kindness is a superpower

Kindness can change the world.It takes courage to be kind - celebrate your kindness and courage and keep shining - changing the world one kind act at a time.

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Luxe clothing and jewels for animals lovers


Created by Lulu Morningstar, founder of The Kind Farm Inc, horse rescue. Lulu is a long term vegan and advocates for kindness towards all animals.


Blessed Are The Kind is created by animal lover, horse rescuer and vegan, Lulu Morningstar. This range is for vegans, vegetarians and animal lovers so we can spread the word that animals have feelings too, and acknowledge the animal kingdom for their presence, majesty, diversity, wisdom and guidance.

About Lulu and the horses you are helping

Fundraising for your charity or cause

Blessed are the Kind exists to help animals by financially contributing to and supporting animal rescue and conservation causes. By sharing 20% of each item's purchase price, you get the benefit of having merchandise without needing to put energy into it. I can create custom designs for your organisation OR donate proceeds of sale from chosen items to your cause. You can choose an affiliate link or sales reports to check on donations received. All donations are paid weekly or monthly - you choose.

  • T-shirts and Clothing for animals lovers.

    I care about animals, people and the all clothing is organic and ethically produced. Search my store for T-shirts for vegans, T-shirts for horse lovers, T-shirts for animal lovers, T-shirts for dog lovers, T-shirts for greyhound lovers,T-shirts for you spirit animal. Wolf t-shirt, horse t-shirt, children's vegan t-shirts, whale t-shirt, Koala T-shirt and more! Get in touch for a personalised animal T shirt.

  • Animal Jewellery for animal lovers

    Check our my creations of jewellery for horse lovers, animals lovers including squirrel ear rings, turtle, tiger and jaguar necklaces and more. Carry the qualities of these beautiful animals througout your day and help save animals.