Collection: Clothing and jewellery for horse lovers

Horses are beautiful, powerful and magnificent. They represent strength, courage, majesty and freedom. So many of us are inspired by and in awe of these beautiful beings. These t-shirts are for horse lovers and animal lovers. There's one you will love@

Beautiful organic t-shirts and jewelry for horse lovers. By purchasing these luxe, ethical, one-off, and made-to-order items, you are supporting the loving care of rescued horses at The Kind Farm Inc Horse Rescue in Australia or a charity of your choice.

The perfect gift for a horse lover, to help Save the Brumbies and a wonderful gift for yourself to carry the majesty and inspiration of the horse throughout your day.

Help rescue animals when you shop!

Your purchase will automatically help the care ofhorses at The Kind Farm Inc horse rescue. To donate 10% of your purchase to your favourite charity, cause or activist please reply to the email your order confirmation email.