Help rescue animals - support your favourite cause.

Blessed are the Kind is created by Lucinda Morningstar - founder of The Kind Farm Inc horse rescue.

"I created this brand to allow me to allow me to rescue horses and support animal rescue causes - and to celebrate the kind hearts of people like you... who want to create a kind world and know that animals deserve love and care and respect.

When you purchase the ethical, luxe goods from Blessed are the Kind you can choose any animal cause or charity to donate proceeds of your purchase to.

Good vibes...thank you for helping by purchasing at my store...

  • Support animal rescue as proceeds of each purchase are donated to charity
  • Wear ethical and comfy, soft luxe clothing
  • Help animals by spreading the message of kindness & awareness
  • Support my work caring for rescued horses.

I believe that the world will be a better place when more people realise that...Animals have feelings too! 

I am forever inspired by the kind nature of so many people and believe that kindness is a super power and by nurturing, celebrating and activating the kind hearts of more people we can change the world for animals in a positive way.

If you've ever felt alone, overwhelmed or helpless - I want you to know that your kindness counts and that every act of kindness matters.

May the clothing and jewels I offer remind you that you are not alone and that kindness is a blessing to you and the world."

Shop my beautiful collection of organic clothing for animal lovers, dog lovers, pet lovers, vegans and more. Ethical t-shirts that spread the message of kindness and support animal rescues when you shop.

with love, Lulu - founder of The Kind Farm Inc. horse rescue