For charities and causes

How I help you:

I support your animal rescue and conservation efforts by donating 20% of purchases to your cause.

The more you promote the items and share with your network the more donations you receive.

An item can be assigned exclusively to your charity if you are actively promoting it and I can also design a shirt especially for your cause.  There is no cost or outlay to you - only the continued good vibes of promoting your shirts.

The benefit to your cause is that you get to do what you do best and help animals and i can look after merchandise for you. Your supporters get to wear beautiful, organic clothing, spread the message of kindness and the plight of animals...and know they are helping you.

The t-shirts are all organic and ethically produced and I handle all sales and returns.

You can choose to either promote an affiliate link which offers you full sales details and reporting, or otherwise I can provide a simple monthly sales report when donations are issued to you. You choose what's best for you and your cause.

Get in touch to find our more and put together a plan and product that will support your cause so you can help more animals!