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Donkey necklace - sterling silver vintage charm, real crystal beads

Donkey necklace - sterling silver vintage charm, real crystal beads

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Be inspired in your day by the magic that the donkey offers with this sterling silver vintage charm and sterling silver bead. This is a one off!

Your purchase helps rescued animals.

The donkey is a kind-natured being and symbolic of versatility, intelligence, determination, spiritual dedication, undying faith in the creative force, willingness to take on board the responsibilities and burdens of others.

The donkey magic can help you master the art of saying no, and being accountable for yourself and your own well being as a life lesson.

Not keen on change, donkeys can come across as stubborn. If anything seems dangerous to them – they absolutely won’t do it. However, this isn’t because they are stubborn, but because they trust, respect and listen to their own intuitive senses. They know their boundaries, what they can and cant do. This shows us how to trust, respect and listen to our own personal intuition also.

Wisdom on the donkey from

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