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Squirrel Earrings

Squirrel Earrings

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Delightful, dainty squirrel earrings.

These are created from little squirrel charms on sterling silver loops. These adorable earrings stay in just as well as the more often used hook shape and the circle ads to the sweet and delightful qualities of the squirrel.

The squirrel represents preparation and worthwhile work... although no need to go overboard - just the perfect amount of preparation so you can fill your life with lightheartedness and fun. The squirrel shows us the balance that we can achieve in considering the present and the future ...along with letting our hair down to frolic and play and enjoy this wonderful life.

Like all of the clothing and jewels in my store, your purchase supports the loving care of rescued horses.

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We live and breathe kindness and beauty - the good vibes of our product and made with the intention to radiate kindness and celebrate the beauty in the world.

Ut's not always easy being kind in a world that can be so harsh - but remember the world needs your kind heart - so nurture and celebrate. The world and animals need YOU.

100% of profits of our items help animals in need.

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